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Vetsense Itch Wash For Cats and Dogs (200ml)

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Assists with the treatment of some skin conditions that cause irritation in dogs and cats (eg fleabite dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis).
Dogs with an oily skin and coat may get a sort of scaly, greasy, yellowish flaking dandruff.
They often smell a bit “off”. It comes from the overproduction of fat by the skin cells and oils by the hair follicles.
This is what accumulates, flakes off and smells. This accumulation becomes itchy to the dog and the dog begins scratching.

VETSENSE ITCH WASH aids in the treatment of such condition.

Active Constituents
Selenium Sulfide 10g/L

Avoid contact with eyes and skin

Directions for use
Shake well before use. Wet coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply at several points and work into skin of entire body, particularly into severely affected areas. Leave for 10 –15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Dry pet completely and repeat at 4 to 7 days interval or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon.


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