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R.B Tone Syrup

RM 25.00

Composition: Ferrous Gluconate 129.5mg, Folic Acid 0.25mg, Calcium Lactate 75mg, Vitamin B12 1.25mcg

Indications: Iron deficiency anemia (childhood), Pregnancy & lactation and Menorrhagia

Net Weight: 200ml


✅ Increases appetite

✅Increase weight

✅Increase blood in the body

✅promotes the mating process (quick in heat)

✅Contains folic acid which is good for unborn children

✅ Children are healthier after birth.

✅Healthy & activates pregnant mothers

✅Beautifies fur. Fur will be shiny.

✅ Stimulating the reproductive cycle.

✅ Increase the milk of cats and livestock.

✅ acts as an immune booster


CATS : Adult: 1.0ml-1.5ml , Kitten 0.5ml 

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