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Orozyme® Dental Gel 70g

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Product details of Orozyme® dental gel 70g

  • Amylase
  • glucose oxidase
  • lactoperoxidase
  • superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • potassium thiocyanate
  • lysozyme
  • lactoferrin
  • mild polishing components
  • non-ionic surfactant flavours

OROZYME mouthguard gel contains a patented formula (LPO-System), the oral formulation contains natural enzymes and other additional active ingredients (Lysozyme & Lactoferrine), helps prevent the formation of plaque in the mouth. Dogs and Cats tone solve problems, prevention of tooth other diseases. 

Special added Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), to further reduce free radical damage to the teeth. Oral plaque and hard tartar but a by-product produced by oral bacteria. They can cause bad breath and gum inflammation. Such as inflammation of the gums can cause gum shrinkage ignored, and eventually lead to premature tooth loss, abscesses, and even bones were infected; eventually severe gum inflammation due to bacteria transmitted through the blood vessels and lead to other internal organs infected. This product is low-sugar, low-fat, does not contain fluoride, artificial colors and fragrances; hypoallergenic, natural health. 

Can be used alone or with the use of the toothbrush, use of cats and dogs used in conjunction with the applicable toothbrush available optimum results. If convenience for pet brushing, use a mouthguard gel per day. 

Composition Enzyme complex: Amylase, Glucose oxidase, Potassium thiocyanate, Lactoferrine, Lactoperoxydase, Lysozyme, Superoxide Dismutase - Mild abrasive - Non ionic surfactant - Flavour. 


Cats and small dogs : about 1cm gel.

Dogs less than 20kg : about 2cm gel.

Dogs more than 20kg : about 5cm gel.

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