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Migliorcane Unico Wet Pouch (CAT) - 100% Veal - 85g

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Migliorgatto Unico is a complete food suitable for the daily nutrition of all cats, obtained with natural ingredients. Its main characteristics are to be made of 100% of a single protein source and be free of cereals. 

This recipe makes it the ideal product for those who want to preserve their cat from the effects of any food intolerances to specific meats. 

Migliorgatto Unico is Unique for the type of protein used, Unique for its taste, Unique for the freshness and practicality that the packet guarantees. 

Ingredients:  Meat and deivati (100% veal), mineral substances. 

Analytical components:  Humidity 80%; 10.5% crude protein; Crude oils 4.0%; Crude fiber 0.2%; Crude ash 1.8%.

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