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Matchwell - Milk Shake 30g

RM 4.25

Instruction: Pour warm water at about 40 degrees and shake it evenly and wait for a while to complete

Introducing milkshakes to pet parents, this is shaking milkshake! It contains 4 kinds of freeze-dried meats & vegetables and goat milk powder. The dried vegetables include purple sweet potato and carrot, dried meat include freeze-dried chicken and freeze-dried egg yolk. Chicken and egg yolk are rich in protein to replenish the nutrients needed by the body, and they also add complex Probiotics, can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and absorption, nutritious and delicious, fragrant and moisturizing, it is recommended to prepare with warm water at 40℃! Pour the water into the bag, cover the bottle cap, shake it, soak it, pour it out and serve to your pet!

Can be an "appetizer" or "afternoon tea"!

Ingredients: chicken breast, egg yolk, purple sweet potato, carrot, goat milk powder, chicory powder, hydrolyzed chicken protein, maltodextrin

Shelf life: 2 years

Net content: 30 g per bag

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