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Happy Hunting Bowl (Flower Shape)

RM 16.00

Slow Eating Pet Bowl is cleverly designed to stop dogs from gulping their food and eating too fast. 

This concept of feeding is recommended to help dog’s digestion and reduce the chance of bloat. Using the Slow Feed, pets are forced to pick at their food as they navigate around the crevices in the bowl. Slower gentle feeding stops the dog from swallowing excess air at meal times which can be problematic. 

• Designed to slow down pets from eating food too quickly 

• Made with food safe, High-Strength ABS materials, and is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. 

• Interactive feeder bowls allow your pets meal times to be much more as nature intended and stop feed times becoming boring.

• Help control canine obesity with the a maze in a bowl and a calorie controlled diet. eating slower is healthier for your pets. 

• Melamine bowl 

• Anti Slip rubber bottom. 

• Hand Design easy to grasp 

• Ideal for Water, Dry Food & Wet Food. 

Package Dimensions Width : 8 inch Height : 2 inch Length : 10 inch Colour 

Available: 1. Coral Pink 2. Lake Blue 3. Apple Green

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