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Goat Milk Flavor Calcium Cat Treats 100g

RM 2.90

Why is goat milk better for your cat?

Goat’s milk has some very unique properties that make it a healthy choice for your cats.

  • has tremendous immune-boosting properties. It’s a great help for dogs or cats with malnutrition, anemia, and kidney, GI or liver diseases.
  • offers a complete nutritional package since it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes and protein.
  • has special “prebiotic” carbohydrates that nourish beneficial gut bacteria.

Other benefits of goat milk

  • Reduces intestinal inflammation and help soothe the discomfort
  • Contains prebiotic content
  • Less allergenic compare to cow's milk
  • Filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein, goat’s milk is considered nutritionally well-rounded. What’s more, it facilitates the absorption and the use of other minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium, in your cat, so it has a host of benefits to offer your cat.

Suitable for all cat breeds, all life stages.

Ingredients: Goat Milk Powder, Calcium Lactate Casein, Phosphopeptides VD3,  Phosphorus, Amino Acids.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein >10%, Crude Fiber >0.5%, Crude Fat <6.0%, Ash <8.0%, Moisture <18.0%

Always prepare enough fresh water for your cats.

Shelf Life 18 months

Net Weight: 100g

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