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Catspro - CRYSTAL CAT LITTER 3.8L - Lemon Flavour

RM 17.50



  • Elimates Odors - Maximum Odor Control
  • Gentle & soft on Cat's Paws
  • Absorptive surface with 1000's of mini-channels for liquid waste absorption
  • Dries solid waste for odor control
  • Ultra-fast clumping so it is easy to scoop & to clean

Contain  3.8L

Type -Crystal

Lemon Flavour


1. Fill your clean litter box at least 1 1/2 inches high with Catspro crystals. Some larger litter boxes may require more than one bag to get started. For best results, do not add any other litter products or additives to the box. 

2. Regularly remove solid waste and rake Catspro crystals to maintain freshness. It is important to rake the crystals for optimal performance. Raking involves mixing up the litter with a scooper so the crystals are properly aerated and evenly distributed. 

Dispose of solid waste in trash. Do not flush

Fill at least 1 1/2 inches high with Catspro crystals. Remove solid waste and rake to maintain freshness. 

For first-time crystals users: 

Your cat should easily adjust to Catspro crystals. However, if your cat does have problems adjusting, try mixing Catspro crystals with your current litter for about a week to ease the adjustment. Pour Catspro crystals in the bottom of a clean litter box, filling to half of what you normally would use. On top, fill the rest of the box to its normal level with your usual litter, mixing as you add.

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