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Bayticol EC 6% 10ml

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  • For the control and elimination of ectoparasites in dogs such as ticks, fleas, mites and lices.
  • The Bayticol 6% E.C. is effective for killing both adults and tick larvae at all stages. In addition, itprevents
  • laying of engorge ticks.
  • This product is safe for using in pregnant, lactating and debilitated animals as well as puppies.

Usage Guideline:


  • Bathe the dog with regular shampoo and rinse first with clean water.
  • Second rinse with a mixture Bayticol then stroked / scrub with a sponge (sponge) as a whole over the dogs body (rub the opposite direction of the fur) around 10 ~ 15 minutes. DO NOT LET THE DOGS licking body or product.
  • Allow the dog to dry without rinse.(Make sure the dog dry completely ) Use a blower or hair dryer. Do not let the dog under the hot sun.

* Repeat every 2 weeks, or if there are signs of infestation appear in dogs.


  • Mix 1ml Bayticol with 1.5 liters of clean water.
  • Spray the area around the house (1 liter per square meter), the walls and the corners of the room.
  • During the spraying process, KEEP PET AWAY from sprayed area until those area completely dried.


  • Flumethrin 5.9% w/w.


  • For the treatment and control of tick, flea, biting and sucking lice, Sarcoptic, and ear mite infestations.

Application / Dosage

Mild case

  • 7ml Bayticol® : 10 litre water

Severe case:

  • 12ml Bayticol® : 10 litre water.


  • 10ml/ bottle

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