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Artero Cosmetic Blanc Shampoo 250ml

RM 85.00


Leave your dog’s white fur whiter than freshly fallen snow with Artero Blanc Shampoo.

Artero Blanc Shampoo is a shampoo for white-coated dogs specially formulated to intensify the natural color of their coat while adding a beautiful shine to it. Its gentle tensioactive properties, together with a non-staining pigment help to clean your doggo’s fur, leaving it looking bright and shiny.

If you’ve ever had a white doggo, you’re familiar with how much work it takes to maintain their fur white immaculate. Especially when they decide they need a relaxing bath in the mud.

Artero Shampoo Blanc is highly effective in the elimination of yellow and brown stains from white coats. Additionally, this Artero shampoo is also good for use on black-haired dogs since it intensifies their black coat.

With antiseptic and relaxing properties, this Artro dog shampoo produces a calming effect on the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin or frequent washing.  


Retinol, Vitamin F, Chamomile Extract, Chestnut Extract of India.

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