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Aristo Cats®- Tofu Cat Litter - Lavender 6L

RM 27.20

Aristo-Cats® Tofu Cat Litter - Lavender Scent 6L

Aristo-Cats® Tofu Cat Litter is a natural cat litter using tofu (beancurd), tofu as the main ingredient is safe to both the owners and pets, even if it is accidentally consumed by your pet. 

Aristo-Cats® Tofu Cat Litter is environmental friendly and used tofu cat litter is a good fertilizer for your garden’s green. 

Aristo-Cats® Tofu Cat Litter is biodegradable and toilet flush-able, it has the ability to absorb liquid up to 3 times of its own weight therefore making it economical and safe to use.

• Non coloring

• Fast clumping and highly absorbent

• Economical and safe to use

• Light weight, soft and comfortable

• Environmental Friendly

• Biodegradable and toilet flush-able

• Dust free, no tracking and easy to clean

• Deodorize and anti-bacteria


1. Fill up your cat litter tray to approx. 3cm in height with ARISTO CATS® Tofu (Beancurd) Cat Litter. 

2. Regularly remove clumps & solid waste from tray to maintain the freshness of the remaining cat litter. 

3. Refill your tray with ARISTO CATS® Tofu (Beancurd) Cat Litter to approx. 3cm in height. 

4. Wash cat litter regularly for hygienic purposes.

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